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Teens Talking Lyme

I struggled in school for many years because of Lyme Disease. Integrative medicine helped me reach the honor roll and a medical career academy. 

Join the support group for teens with Lyme Disease, Mold biotoxin illness, PANDAS/PANS and Aspergers.

I Want to Help Because I am a Patient Too

Originally diagnosed on the spectrum and was in a wheelchair for two years.

At 18-months old old, I was diagnosed on the spectrum. One morning I woke up with violent motor and vocal tics. It was terrifying. My health continued on a downward spiral. Eventually, the pain was so bad that I was unable to turn myself in bed or walk. I lived in a wheelchair for two years. We traveled the world seeing top doctors and physicians for an answer.

My lungs, eyes, brain, kidneys, skin, and gut, all became compromised. My mother believed she would lose me. It was a very traumatic period for our family. But, my mother is neurologist and she was motivated to discover the root cause of my medical issues.

Her research led to my accurate diagnoses. All these years, I suffered from Lyme disease and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). Conventional medicine helped me recover to about 85%. My mother was determined to figure out how to get me to 100% and on a path to living a full life.

Integrative medicine and clinical herbalism allowed me to reach for and accomplish my dreams. I’ve been accepted to Ivy League high school summer programs and won science and math awards.

See you in the hub!

– Brian Dashore

Brian Dashore with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Every day is a step towards thriving. I’m sharing my experience and what I’ve learned from my doctors on the Teen Lyme Hub.

AutismOne 2019

From The Spectrum To The Honor Roll

Brian speaks about growing up non-verbal with an ASD diagnosis. With support and guidance from world renowned pioneering practitioners like Dr. Jones, Dr. Jemsek, Dr. Klinghardt, Stephen Buhner and more, Brian lost his ASD diagnosis and is on a path towards medical school.

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Press Conference with Congressman Chris Smith and Pat Smith

Congressman Chris Smith Perseveres in the fight against Lyme disease – TAP into Middletown

‘Finally taking this seriously.’ On chronic Lyme disease, a government breakthrough – APP article

“Now Dashore, a senior at the Academy of Allied Health and Science in Neptune, is an advocate for other teens with chronic Lyme. That’s what brought him to Friday’s press conference conducted by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith and Wall resident Pat Smith (no relation), president of the national nonprofit Lyme Disease Association. The news: After decades of foot-dragging, the National Institutes of Health has formulated a strategic plan for tick-borne disease research.”

Naturally Recovering Autism

Listen to Brian’s interview with Karen Thomas, host of the Naturally Recovering Autism radio program in July 2019.

He talks about his autism diagnosis and how treatment for Lyme disease and mold/ biotoxin illness led to him losing his autism diagnosis.

It's been a long journey!

“It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing, you bring everything into the realm of possibility.” – Albert Einstein

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August 10-11, 2019

Brian Dashore and CIRS Conference Speakers

Presenting: CIRS From a Pediatric and Patient Perspective

Brian Dashore CIRS Conference Speaker
Brian Dashore CIRS Conference Speaker
Brian Dashore with Dr. Scott McMahon
Brian Dashore with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker
Brian Dashore in Roswell, New Mexico with Aliens
Brian Dashore in Roswell, New Mexico with Cowboy

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Doctors, practitioners, and advocates who have helped me along the way

Brian Dashore with Dr Jones
Dr. Charles Ray Jones
Brian Dashore with Dr Klinghardt
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
Brian Dashore with Dr Eugene Shippen and Dr Jodie A Dashore
Dr. Eugene Shippen
Brian Dashore with Congressman Chris Smith
Congressman Chris Smith
Brian Dashore with Dr Bradshaw
Dr. Bradshaw
Brian Dashore
Speaking at a Lyme Conference

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This is a support group for teens with Lyme Disease, mold/biotoxin illness (CIRS), PANDAS/PANS and Aspergers. Many children with Autism or Aspergers also have Lyme and mold issues and everyone is welcome. Dr. Jodie Dashore will be a consultant for any complex questions we may have. We have several world-renowned health care practitioners that have been very kind and have joined the group as consultants.

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